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Undetectable = untransmissible (U=U)

Find out about the research and the evidence behind U=U. What does it mean exactly? 

NAPWA - National Association of People with HIV in Australia

Advocacy, representation, policy and health promotion for people with HIV. Find out about stigma and discrimination, the law and HIV, cure research, as well as links to blogs, peer support and all sorts of other resources 

HIV cure

Learn about the research going into finding a cure for HIV. How are we progressing? 

Living well: Women with HIV

Everything you want to know about living with HIV as a woman. Telling people, fertility, sex, your body, and getting support 

HIV fact sheets

Ever wondered about getting health insurance? Life insurance? How do I make the most of my doctor's appointments? A bunch of downloadable PDFs that answer all these questions and more. Have a browse. 

Positive living reading

Grab a cuppa and a blanket, a bunch of interesting reads, including articles about sex, HIV, and OCVID19. 

Thorne Harbour Health

A community controlled organisation for all things sex, HIV, and gender. Their website is a wealth of information, with a strong focus no support and an active community engagement

Australian Federation of AIDS organisations

AFAO is the national federation for the HIV community response, providing leadership, coordination and support to Australia’s policy and advocacy response to HIV

UNAIDs - HIV and Coronavirus

What people living with HIV need to know about HIV and COVID19


Want to know about improving sleep?

click on napping Snuffles

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and sex

Thorne Harbour Health

If you need to brush up on your basics, have a look here to learn about Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Herpes, and other delights

Melbourne Sexual Health Centre Factsheets

Information on every STI you can shake a stick at, with information on treatment and what to look out for. Downloadable information in different languages. 

Let Them Know

Need to let your sexual partners know to get checked but not overly keen on having that conversation? Have a look here to send an anonymous SMS to your partners. 

The Sex Ed

Everything you've ever wanted to know about sex but were too afraid to ask. From toys, guides, and a comprehensive sexpedia, to understanding emotions, overcoming trauma and exploring spiritualism and religion in the context of sex 

PrEP and PEP

PrEP Access Now

A great place to start for all things PrEP. Evidence based, it will guide you through the nuts and bolts of starting, stopping, and what you need to know to do so. 

Episodic PrEP

Information from the CDC on using PrEP around sex rather than daily. Also known as on demand, event driven, or sex driven

Post Exposure Prophylaxis

Find out about what it is and what it does. If you're worried about a potential exposure in the last 3 days, contact your nearest emergency department or our reception and let them know you would like to discuss a course of PEP

HIV risk calculator

Work out what your sexual health risk is with more exact feedback on your preferences 

Drugs and Alcohol 

Useful numbers

Alcohol and drug information service: 24 hour telephone counselling, referral and info service - 1800 888 236

Alcoholics anonymous: 1300 222 222

Family drug support: 24 hour counselling for partners, family, carers - 1300 368 186

Useful apps

Daybreak - helps you change your relationship with alcohol - on iPhone and Google Play 

Drinks Meter - anonymous, personalised feedback on your drinking - on iPhone and Google Play 

Sober Tool - addiction recovery - on iPhone and Google Play 

First Step St Kilda

A self-referral service that does what it says on the box: take the first step to getting help with alcohol or other drug problems. Professional, confidential, and experienced. Have a look at their site and give them a call to find out more

Bayside Alcohol and Other Drugs

Similar to First Step, Bayside AOD offers confidential and experienced support for those looking at reducing use or helping others reduce use

Drug Fact Sheets

An incredible resource: Find out everything about exactly what different drugs do and how they affect you. An interactive website that becomes really quite more-ish

Alcohol and Drug Foundation

A good place to start for all things drug related. The law and drugs, having "the conversation", risk reduction and resources. Have a browse. 

Mental Health

Head to health

A great place to start. Loaded with information and resources, including where to go for help, supporting others, information on anxiety, depression, trauma, and PTSD. 

Beyond blue

All about depression. Who it affects, the different types, and where to find help. Includes an online chat 

The black dog institute

Science. Compassion. Action. A great resource on suicide prevention and information for schools, work places, and health professionals


Crisis support and suicide prevention. 24/7

Alfred CAT

Direct access to the Alfred psychiatry team - for crisis support, particularly if you're already known to the Alfred psychiatry team


Perinatal anxiety and depression support for women, men, and those affected. Compulsory browsing for... well, all of us

White Ribbon

Dedicated to the prevention and management of gendered violence. Part of a global movement


National domestic assault and sexual violence counselling service - their website has a wealth of resources and information as well as providing direct access to counselling and help if you need it

The School of Life videos

Wisdom for resilience. A library of short, excellent explanations for all things mental health. Caution: highly insightful and highly enlightening

Mood gym

moodgym is like an interactive self-help book which helps you to learn and practise skills which can help to prevent and manage symptoms of depression and anxiety

Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular risk calculator

Calculate your risk of something major like a heart attack or stroke over the next 5 years. You'll need your cholesterol levels, latest bloods pressure reading, and your diabetes status

Heart Foundation 

Evidence based information on everything heart health related. Learn about one of the biggest killers in Australia and how you can prevent it

High cholesterol

Demystify the thing we've all heard of, but don't fully understand. Why the fuss? 


Healthy eating tips to lower cholesterol

If you've been told your cholesterol is high, have a look here for a quick summary of how you can change your diet to reduce your cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke

Immunisations and Travel 

Smart Traveller

The best place to start before travelling overseas from Australia. What immunisations will I need? Is it safe there? 

Melbourne Vaccine Education Centre

Answers all your questions about immunisations. Childhood and adult. Evidence based and impartial, unlike that blog your read on social media

Immunisation Handbook

If you really want to know the nitty gritty, have a look here to find out about Australia's immunisation schedule and the dirt on every vaccine available . A resource aimed at health professionals, but applicable to all

Yellow Fever

This infectious critter deserves a page on its own. If you're travelling, it is a must that you have a read through here

COVID19 immunisation in your language

Information about COVID19 vaccines in different languages

Other COVID19 immunisation information

A link to our own COVID19 page - scroll to the bottom for further links and find out more