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Telehealth allows you to attend your appointment at Prahran Market Clinic virtually, either over the phone or via video call. All telehealth appointments must be pre-booked, the same way you would book in a face to face appointment. Medicare rules around telehealth are changing frequently. Please read on to learn more or contact our team to answer your questions 


Telehealth consults are billed just the same as face to face appointments. Provided you meet the eligibility criteria below, you will be eligible for the same Medicare rebates also. We understand this has been somewhat confusing with different Medicare requirements, so please feel free to discuss your billing with your doctor at the start of your consult if you need to

Please note that it is a requirement of telehealth that you are currently within Australia. It is also a requirement that you have been seen in the clinic in person in the last 12 months. Exceptions to the 12 month rule include:

Consults around sexual health and blood borne viruses


Currently isolating due to COVID19 infection

Aged less than 12 months

Telephone consults

Sit back and relax - your doctor will phone you as close to your booked time as they can

Telephone consults are only available for brief or standard appointments and mental healthcare plan reviews. Prolonged appointments, care plans, or mental healthcare plans require a video consult. 

Video Consults

Click the button above to enter our virtual waiting room - your doctor will start the video chat as close to your booked time as possible. Video consults should work easily on any browser or smartphone. 

Just like face to face appointments, sometimes we run late due to medical emergencies and factors outside of our control. If you've been waiting for longer than 30 minutes, give our reception a call on 95140888 to touch base and see how long your wait will be 

Telehealth billig
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